Long Time No See

I’ve been gone for awhile. I have been a foster parent! IT has taken all of my time. We’re talking babies here. I loved all my babies, and they all went back to their families, which is how it is supposed to be, but I miss them.

But now, I AM BACK, collecting beautiful books, learning about illustrators, loving my cats, etc., etc.

To get things rolling, here is a current picture of ChaCha, and a picture that I sold, and custom  frame job.

Mike brought back mini-sombreros from a business trip to Mexico, and they fit Cha Cha and Lupe.

Here is picture form the book Robin Hood, 1953 that I had up for sale. The buyer asked if it could be matted and framed, so here is my picture of the mat color options, and the finished piece. I hope they are pleased!


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Your Daily Cha Cha 3.25.14

Your Daily Cha Cha 3.25.14

Lupe has been a very good model lately.

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Your Daily Cha Cha 3.14.14

Your Daily Cha Cha 3.14.14

Lupe getting a scratch, Cha Cha in background

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Milwaukee Library

http://fox6now.com/2014/03/11/explore-area-of-milw-public-library-you-may-not-know-existed/Old, rare books at the Milwaukee library.


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Your Daily Cha Cha 3.10.2014

Your Daily Cha Cha 3.10.2014

OK, this is not Cha Cha, it is Lupe, right before she jumps onto bathroom sink, her favorite way to get water.

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Your Daily Cha Cha 2.28.14

Your Daily Cha Cha 2.28.14

Boxing up Cha Cha

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Book From China

When I went to China in the fall, I found some interesting books to bring home.

Here is an orange book I know nothing about, except it is stab bound, and in a cardboard sleeve. It has funky orange fabric on it. I bought it an excellent bookstore in Shanghai on a street filled with art stores and some book stores.

I found this book in their upstairs gallery space. It was 150 yuen, which I figured was around $25, which I thought I was a fair price. When I went to purchase it, a man was astounded that I was buying it, claiming, “even Chinese people have trouble reading these books”. I said, “I thought it was a journal”, because I really did, I was too timid to open it up and see what was inside. The sales clerk quickly swiped my credit card and felt like I had just been taken for a ride.

At the hotel room I opened it up and was very pleased what was inside. It is cheap paper, yes, and not a very elegant book, and of course I will never be able to read it, but I like the pictures and I like how it looks which is why I bought it. See for yourself:_DSC0028 _DSC0029 _DSC0030 _DSC0031 _DSC0033 _DSC0034 _DSC0035 _DSC0036

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