Effective immediately

There are no more refunds in my store.

None, nada, not for any reason.

Look carefully at what you are buying and buyer beware.

Too many petty complaints, FYI, most people who contact me are delighted with their purchases. I work very very hard to find, clean and sell these things, but I’m loosing my mojo by miserable people who don’t read the descriptions and scrutinize the pictures (because you gotta make sure its what you THINK/WANT IT TO BE, bro).

Truthfully it was one BIG REPUBLICAN Grandpa (I googled him).

So, No Refunds. For now. We will see if that helps, or destroys my business.




Shipping, it’s frustrating

At Gotchachacha, we use USPS shipping. I will always try to get the cheapest rates. For example, for big items, ground shipping is less expensive than priority. Books I can mail out media mail, which is usually under $4.

I wish I could send things cheap or free, like Amazon, but I can’t. So if it’s any consolation, these items are scoured and sourced, I am in the muck finding these pieces. I keep my prices realistic.

Having said that, overages shipping charges of more than $2 will be refunded. And whereas I don’t have a handling charge, because of the expense of all brand new shipping supplies; strong boxes, good bubble wrap, thick and sturdy envelopes, and recyclable brown butcher paper, I use the etsy shipping which has a small discount, depending on service. (Media mail is not discounted, and I use nice new boxes and envelopes for my shipping supplies.)

So that’s it. That is the best system I have come up with so far. I am always learning and promise to be honest and have really great and safe packaging.



Self-taught Artist Painting

I scour thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets for my treasures. It’s an addiction. I get a lot of gratification. Particularly when I come across paintings. Paintings that somebody lovingly, carefully painted. They’re thought out and coming from a place of passion and energy. If they’re good. I enjoy them more than slick reproduced art bought at a big store. Now, if I was loaded I’d be buying myself Picasso’s or Basquiat’s, but sadly I am not, so these are lovely acceptable substitutes. Check out my store to see what I have for sale right now. More will be coming in the near future.

Book pages

An affordable way to get great art is to frame a great illustration from a beloved book. I do it in my home and some pictures I have had up for years.

My store was started as a way to recycle, reuse beautiful old book illustrations from books that were damaged and unusable.

I had been framing them myself, but haven’t found a way to make that pay for itself, so now I mostly offer up the page, from a beautiful, damaged book, that you can frame yourself. It’s inexpensive and you can customize it.

Going Vintage

I have been stockpiling many treasures from my adventure shopping trips and wanted to add them to the store. Here are a few I just put up. Nothing here is worth a million dollars, but I’m not selling them for very much. These items are things that can help personalize a room. They have character and style and are unique. I love Target and Ikea and the other big stores, but you also need to inject something personal and distinctive. The puzzle has great graphics, and is in a sealed box. That would look cool in a bookcase. For the scissor fanatic collectors here are a pair, almost mint, in box. The globe looks distinguished in an office, and this puzzle would look super cute in a kids room. As would the tea set. I don’t think anything is listed over $10. More things to come, so check out my store if you are interested:


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of the brain factory here at GotchaChaCha. First I am showing off my new soft light boxes, which hopefully will make my product photo’s look better.

Then you see a table of the journals I have put together in  search of ways to utilize old books. Nothing quite work, sadly. It has been a while since I have looked at them, so I wanted to see what I had done with fresh eyes. Back to the drawing board! Hope to get something figured out to put in the store.


While the world is going to hell in a hand basket, and my kids are old enough that they just need me for money, it’s time to tackle the piles and piles of treasures all over my house. I am planning on traveling the world – when I win the lottery – so until then I need to get rid of my sacred possessions to only what will fit in a suitcase. Or a motorhome. One or the other.

I offer them up for sale, for only true love will swing someone to buy an item like an old book, or some obscure art. Hey, they make great gifts!

I am also featuring my husbands art work. He is a commercial artist, and he is doing this for fun, and he is a fun loving funny guy, as you will witness with his giant bunny vs. lucha libre wrestler picture, among others. Yes, there’s also an Old Fashioned drinking Wisconsin Badger up for sale. We are experimenting with digital downloads, so they are cheap and you can put them on whatever you want. Oh, and t-shirts, you can get some t-shirts and a onesie.

Please talk back if you want, it would be great to hear if people are out there. You can tell me what you think of my shop and what you’d like to see.