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Posters From China

I bought these in Beijing at the Panjiayuan Market (Dirt Market) this fall. There 8 in total and they are approximately 12 x 27 inches. I am doing reasearch on who they are (besides Mao) and what they say.

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So these went up on my etsy site today. I call them “Oddities”

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Get a Picture, and have it framed NEW @ GotchaChaCha ETSY

I have for sale pages from books of GREAT illustrations. Buy one for $6, or get it custom matted and framed for another $20 + shipping (which I think is $12.35) Something for everyone!

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Idea for a Recycled Journal…


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MARBLING! What I got to do last night

Oh God, this is just too beautiful, and I am not bragging. I spritz some paint into the prepared water, use the prepared paper, lay your paper in the water, and voila! Almost impossible to ruin.

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Some Things I am Playing Around With…

In my quest to find use for books with no use, I take the covers from old books and fill them with sketch paper. So this is my first one. How does it look? Any suggestions?  

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I am going to have some fun tonight:

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