Something Old Something New

Hello There. Very excited about this picture I am about to list on etsy. I bought several years ago. It represents everything I like in art. It was found at a thrift store, somebody hand painted it, and the subject matter is unique! This one is of a  giant bird confronting a small dog in a kind of river, with mountains and pine trees in the back. The dog is rendered so cute. The bird is huge. I’ve always thought it was a wild turkey, but looking at it closely, I am not sure. Take a look for yourself:


How About Another Picture of Cha Cha:

I have not been able to get much research or work done, so in the meantime, here is Cha Cha, laying on an ottoman, about to fall off, but she doesn’t care. Sorry for the graininess of the pictures, they were taken in low light with the old iphone camera.