I am going to have some fun tonight:



New in store: more journals of the recycled variety

I am having so much fun making these! It has been a process, and the process shall probably continue to be tweaked, but I found something nice to do with these old books. I take the useful parts, and make something practical and functional, and I love utilitarianism. I use these books now all the time. The are happy, unique, and fun. Here are my latest two, up on my Etsy site GotchaChaCha:


This is what a journal bought from me on Etsy will look like when you get it

_DSC0001_DSC0003_DSC0006GotchaChaCha @ Etsy


This is coming…



Some Thing New

On my quest to find decent things to do with old books that nobody is going to read, either because their cover or insides are messed up, or because they have information that is not relevant, I have been playing around with these journals.