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I have for sale pages from books of GREAT illustrations. Buy one for $6, or get it custom matted and framed for another $20 + shipping (which I think is $12.35)

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New in store: more journals of the recycled variety

I am having so much fun making these! It has been a process, and the process shall probably continue to be tweaked, but I found something nice to do with these old books. I take the useful parts, and make something practical and functional, and I love utilitarianism. I use these books now all the time. The are happy, unique, and fun. Here are my latest two, up on my Etsy site GotchaChaCha:



This is what a journal bought from me on Etsy will look like when you get it

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SUPER SALE 20% OFF Everything in Store

Super Sonic Sale starts today thru – when I decide to end it.

20% off everything in store, which would make everything $20 instead of $25

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What to do with old books

I have got the old book craft factory up and running. I took a couple of pictures today of two journals I recently made. They are fun to make, and hopefully to sell. I like putting glue on the pages best, which makes me realize I miss painting, but that is another subject all together.


Journal For Sale

Working on something new. I love my old books, and framing the great pictures inside of them. But what to do with the leftovers? It almost feels worse to take apart the book because then you really have taken away its function.

Thanks to some helpful books, like “The Repurposed LIbrary” by Lisa Occhipinti, and the beautiful “Playing with Books” by Jason Thompson, I can see that there is an after life.

Journals. I want to make journals. I want you to want them too. Just getting started, not happy about the learning curve, but I put some $$ into equipment and here is one of my first books: