Finally, Something New

I framed this yesterday. It is from the vintage “Bandages” book I found. There are a lot of funky pictures in that book, but the challenge is to find a picture that stands on it’s own as interesting. I like how this came out. I like the red mount board, and the gold frame.

I have not taken proper pictures to put up for sale on etsy, but hope to early next week. I forgot to photograph it without the glass, so now I have to cope with that impediment.


Coming soon:

This pic is up for sale on etsy, but recently I created this double mat board. I have to reframe it, rephoto it, and then get it up for sale.

Can you see from this picture what great colors are in this alphabet card? I really want to frame this soon.

New Listing on ETSY: Kittens and Puppies, Horses and Rabbits and Insects, Turtles and Birds

The other day over there at Gotcha Cha Cha on Etsy, I put up a picture from a really great book. “Kittens and Puppies, Horses and Rabbits and Insects, Turtles and Birds”, by Cynthia Iliff Koehler and Alvin Koehler, 1970 printing, original copyright 1959. Now, I usually like to use first editions of books, and this isn’t one. I have a few books like that, they aren’t first editions, but they are too marvelous, and not so rare, therefore not so precious, and easier, psychologically, to take apart. And the truth is, there is a 70’s quality to this print, perhaps it’s the paper, or the saturation of the ink, and not so much the 1959 feel that the illustrations have. I am hunting for more frames for illustrations in this book, because they are really that great. I could find next to nothing out about the authors/illustrators of this book, except they have done a few book, and that is it. I think I need better research skills.

Getting back into the swing of things

I am in love what I am doing: matching up fantastic pictures that are squirreled away in discarded books and teaming them up with a picture frame that has seen better days, adding a splash of color with a mat board, and creating one of a kind and unique art. This is the kind of stuff we need on our walls, not the mass produced stuff from Target of Urban Outfitters (don’t get me wrong, I love love love those stores, but we need to assert our individuality and the most appropriate place is on our walls, our art!)

I am a major art lover, I even went to college and majored in art, but I cannot make the stuff I want to see on my walls. I don’t think most of us can. Even my illustrator husband who can literally draw anything and everything, does make some nice stuff for us, but we need variety, we need different opinions, we need contrast, but above all, we need good art, lots of it.

So visit my GotchaChaCha on Etsy and see if you agree with me and my idea’s and vision.

Here’s to good art!

Below, my inspiration, (sometimes), Cha Cha. She caught a mouse the other day. No picture of that.


Now for something fun. Here is a collage of the pictures I currently have for sale on Etsy. You know, I am trying to sell these, sure, but I also just really love these pictures.  I started looking at children’s vintage books after the birth of my first daughter. There truly is an innocence that is not in contemporary books. I love so much illustration, and I love what is being made now a days, but this earlier stuff, before computers, before too-adult pop culture, hell, before MTV, speaks to a time when little girls could wear smocks and dresses (and not be skinny may I add) and the animals were funny, not snarky. On my treasure hunting I also come upon old science journals and textbooks, and those illustrations are clean and crisp and earnest. I use them with irony now, kind of like the pleasure of watching “Mad Men”.

And I think, that if I don’t highlight them, frame them and put them on my wall, they are lost to everyone. So this is my attempt by drawing attention to something, that in my mind, is very valuable and enriching. Maybe you do too!