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I have for sale pages from books of GREAT illustrations. Buy one for $6, or get it custom matted and framed for another $20 + shipping (which I think is $12.35)

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_DSC0012 _DSC0013This book is for sale on my Etsy site. It is titled “Young Years Library, Best Loved Stories and Poems” Book 4, edited by Augusta Baker, Children’s Coordinator at the NYC Public Library, 1965. I found an article about Augusta Baker by Barbara Bader in The Horn Book Magazine.

Bader writes, “In the children’s library world and beyond, Augusta Baker was known for two big things — transforming the image of blacks in children’s books and enlarging the reach of storytelling.” She also tells of the encounter with the poet Audre Lorde, who at 4 years old met Baker and credits her with instilling the love of literature and reading.

So you can see for yourself, in this delightful compilation, with sharp illustrations, and classic stories. The inside is in great condition, the edges of the cover are a bit beaten up, see the pictures at my listing.

This is darling, “Little Miss Muffet”

by Estelle Kellogg, @A.M.F.

I have done a long internet search and could find out nothing about these two facts.

@A.M.F must be the manufacturer of this print, and Estelle Kellogg worked for the WPA in Conneticut during the depression. I have seen one other nursery rhyme print that matches this, but nothing else. Does this make this rare? Valuable? What I do know, is that it is super cute, and would be so sweet in a little girl’s room.


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Library Book Sale Conquered!

Milwaukee has a beautiful library downtown. On Saturday it had a book sale. I took the family and we got many books, all for under $20. I picked up a few that piqued my interests: old and great illustrations. But I am kicking myself that I did not take pictures of the building. It is very ornate. I will take pictures very soon. Until then, here are two books I got: