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I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my husband, 2 school age daughters, 2 cats and one dog. We live in the Riverwest neighborhood in a house that is 113 years old, and needs some work. My children go to a Waldorf school, but I don’t think we are very Waldorfy people, just a little bit.

I have decided to pursue selling something that is a favorite of mine, and that is great illustration, pictures, that are in books that no one will ever look in because they are not so perfect anymore. It was very hard to cut my first picture out of a book, but I believe it is for a greater good, to bring these wonderful images into the light of the day.

The pictures are then matted in usually colorful mat board, and then framed in thrift store frames that I have repurposed, cleaned thoroughly and re-framed. Decorative dust jacket and hanging hardware, plus a Gotcha Cha Cha sticker finishes it off.

At this blog I try to find out some history of these pictures, the books, the illustrators, the authors. It has been sad to find that there isn’t always a lot of info on them, but I will try my best, I hope you enjoy, and please comment.

This beautiful illustration and all illustrations relating to Gotcha Cha Cha were done by my husband who is a commercial artist.


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