Long Time No See

I’ve been gone for awhile. I have been a foster parent! IT has taken all of my time. We’re talking babies here. I loved all my babies, and they all went back to their families, which is how it is supposed to be, but I miss them.

But now, I AM BACK, collecting beautiful books, learning about illustrators, loving my cats, etc., etc.

To get things rolling, here is a current picture of ChaCha, and a picture that I sold, and custom  frame job.

Mike brought back mini-sombreros from a business trip to Mexico, and they fit Cha Cha and Lupe.

Here is picture form the book Robin Hood, 1953 that I had up for sale. The buyer asked if it could be matted and framed, so here is my picture of the mat color options, and the finished piece. I hope they are pleased!