I have been waiting to frame these illustrations

I found this book at an antique mall and had to have it. These are crazy amazing pictures of cats. I also have a puppy one. It doesn’t seem to be very rare, so I knew I wanted to do something with these pictures. The colors are all bright, but has an old age paper patina at the same time. What I ignored was there must have some moisture damage at some time, because the paper is wavy. I also didn’t think too carefully about what would happen when I used a S hinge floating mount. You see, I wanted to show the whole page of the book, to refer back to the fact that it is a page from a book, by floating the picture on mount board, showing the edges (which get hidden in traditional framing). Well, the paper is so thin, that you can see the contours of the sticks of tape that are holding the paper to the board. Argh. Is it ok? Can we say it matches the wavy paper and has a shabby chic quality to it? I love how these came out all mounted up, but did I destroy the pictures? Take a look:_DSC0015 _DSC0007


2 thoughts on “I have been waiting to frame these illustrations”

  1. hilarious, and yet kinda spooky- at the same time [maybe it’s just that third kitten in the wagon looks sort of malevolent…]- but i think they are fantastic framed.

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