Trying something new: Concertina binding accordian book

The challenge today was a new book: concertina binding, according to my new book, BOOKCRAFT, by Heather Weston. My first attempt at things is usually pretty dismal, but I allow myself to make mistakes, but to forge ahead and make it to the end, to see where I am. So here, my paper was too thin and not long enough, and I do not know how to cover the book cover with paper, even though I followed the directions. Things don’t seem perfectly square and matched up, either. I don’t really see the purpose of accordian bindings, unless I had some great content that would fit perfectly. When my younger daughter was 7 or so, she decorated an accordian fold book, and it is truly beautiful. _DSC0002_DSC0006


About Gotcha Cha Cha

Hello, I am making this blog to complement my store on Etsy. I sell "found" art and lovely illustrations from unusable vintage books. I also love my 2 cats (Lupe and Cha Cha, hence the inspiration for the store/blog name) and one dog (Daisy a beagle), not to mention my 2 school age daughters, and my husband who can draw anything and does that for a living.
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