Love My New (OLD) Book

The Golden Book Encyclopedia * Book 6 * Erosion to Geysers, 1959

Why of why, when I google this book, are the value of this book go from a high of $68.84 to a low of $4.92?? My book doesn’t have its spine anymore, so I feel OK about cutting it up. But I certainly wouldn’t want to cut up a $68 book. Speaking of that, I saw an incredible book at Goodwill yesterday: Rimskittle, 1926. They were asking $25 for it, crazy expensive for Goodwill, but on googling it, I saw it could go for quite a bit higher. The cover was not in good shape, and I am tired of putting money into junky things, so I am not going to buy it. But the pictures are excellent! I would love to frame them! The colors are brillant and the illustrations are as sweet as can be.


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