Milwaukee Art Museum Impressive Impressionism

Milwaukee is a nice town. There is some stuff to do. Not a ton of stuff, but some stuff. One of the nice things is our art museum, the Milwaukee Art Museum. There are some nice exhibits. The first Thursday of the month is free day, so it is the day that I go. (Though I am definitely going to get a membership for the family this holiday).

Today I saw the Impressionism exhibit. I wasn’t looking forward to it too much, I appreciate Impressionism, but it has never been my favorite. But I found myself in tears, or near tears today. The power of the expertise overwhelmed me. Incredible mastery. I hesitate to write about the art, I am not an art historian. The exhibit didn’t have too many big hitters, you can go to Chicago to see that. There were a lot of smaller pieces and some artists I hadn’t known about. There was Van Gogh, and the Impressionism God, Renoir. A lot of Mary Cassat, which was nice. And here was a piece by Toulouse Latrec:

It is done on cardboard.

I also took serious note of the framing. The frames were gorgeous, elaborate, ornate for the most part. But I focused on the matting. It was interesting and gave me many idea’s. Linen covered mats. Painted on mats, and drawn outlines on the mats. I hope to spice things up at Gotcha Cha Cha.


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