Journal For Sale

Working on something new. I love my old books, and framing the great pictures inside of them. But what to do with the leftovers? It almost feels worse to take apart the book because then you really have taken away its function.

Thanks to some helpful books, like “The Repurposed LIbrary” by Lisa Occhipinti, and the beautiful “Playing with Books” by Jason Thompson, I can see that there is an after life.

Journals. I want to make journals. I want you to want them too. Just getting started, not happy about the learning curve, but I put some $$ into equipment and here is one of my first books:



Library Book Sale Conquered!

Milwaukee has a beautiful library downtown. On Saturday it had a book sale. I took the family and we got many books, all for under $20. I picked up a few that piqued my interests: old and great illustrations. But I am kicking myself that I did not take pictures of the building. It is very ornate. I will take pictures very soon. Until then, here are two books I got:

Picture of Furniture **New In Store**

Actually, it is doll house furniture, or an illustration on crafted doll house furniture, but what the hey, it looks like odd modern furniture, with great colors and patterns, so I framed it and now it is for sale in my store on etsy.

It is from this fun craft book from 1967, “McCall’s Golden Do-it Book”.

Fairy Circle and Furniture * New In Store*

Here is a lovely book illustration:That I have framed and put up for sale:

And then soon I will put up this picture too:The first is from the book The Golden Book Encyclopedia * Book 6 * Erosion to Geysers, 1959, and the second is from a vintage child’s craft book I have.

Peter Pan and Turkey

2 new pictures went up today at Gotcha Cha Cha on etsy. As usual, $25 each, nicely matted and framed. “Peter Pan and Wendy” is a cover page, with a library stamp and some numbers on it. The illustration is very strong, and all the other stuff speaks to its history. I like it. And for Thanksgiving a turkey, except that it is a pink and black turkey (and a lovely double mat, very fancy for me).