Vintage Nursery Lamp & Paint By Numbers Swans: New Aquisitions

I am always on the look out for things I love to share with others. I LOVE old nursery lamps from the 1960’s. They are wood and are always charming. I have one on my bed stand of an owl playing a ukelele. I found this new one the other day. It is perfect. It is Jack and Jill, and has a night light in the water well. Colors are bright and nothing broken. But, I don’t have room anywhere in my house for it. Maybe someone else needs this?

I also scored this vibrant Paint By Numbers painting of swans and an old mill. It is large, and there is also a scratch or a cut in it, but that does not take away from the bright color and pastoral landscape.

Better pictures coming soon to my shop on Etsy.


Draft Table AND Chair

I love my new giant table from the 1980’s. It has a metal bottom and a wood top. I can stand and work at it. Which isn’t always good, sometimes I need to put leverage into things, and I can’t cuz the table is too high, but overall it is great.

So my hubby went ahead and refinished the wood for me. I started it, but it was a huge job gobs of glue kept a pad on it for 30 years! That is always a vexing problem for me in the recycle business, how to get glue off of stuff.  But he went far and beyond, got all the glue off, sanded and sanded and then stained and sealed it. What A Guy. Here is picture:

Then I replaced the fabric on the top part of the stool that we got with the table:

Now, to get some work done!

Draft Table

Major upgrade here at Gotcha Cha Cha. We bought some old draft tables on Craigslist. They are big and tall and nobody needs them anymore. But we can use them. We are looking forward to spreading out and having table top space. They are also good places for the kids to create. Ours are metal bases and wood tops, and they have the old architecture drafting rulers on them which look really cool, but which I will have to take off because they are not practical for us. So look forward to more picture making.