“Checking for Injuries”

A great new picture up at Gotcha Cha Cha.

From the book “Technique of Bandaging and Splinting”, 1945. This is from a bizarre book I found, with pictures of 1940’s style people in bandages. The illustrations are great. They are done by Guy Brown Wiser who I was able to Google successfully. At this blog you can learn all about him. I also found this from Ask Art.com:

Born in Marion, IN on Feb. 10, 1895. Wiser graduated from Cornell University in 1917. He then served in WWI as an Air Force pilot before returning to South Bend, IN where he practiced architecture. During 1924-26 he studied art in Paris with Despujols and with Charles Hawthorne at Cape Cod. He taught for nine years at Ohio State University before moving to Los Angeles in 1934 and then taught at Scripps College for two years. During the years 1925-57 he illustrated about 80 books for various book companies. He died in Fallbrook, CA on March 30, 1983. Exh: County Fair (LA), 1935; Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1935; Pasadena High School, 1936; Academy of Western Painters (LA), 1936.


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