Some Books MAY Be Valuable

I think these pictures we do here at Gotcha Cha Cha look great, but the hardest part is to cut into the books, thereby destroying them as books. I usually use books that are beyond repair, but I always look up to see if a book is “valuable” – worth money, rare, special. It has happened before, but it was just luck. I found a rare children’s book with a messed up spine and it sold on ebay for $66. That was fun, it was before there was much research available on the internet, and I had no idea. It was a Dare Wright book, which are strange and wonderful books to begin with, but this one had been quite a rare one, and I don’t remember which one right now.

Anyway, I have a little stacks on less than perfect books on my desk right now, with some neat illustrations in them, and I want to frame them. When I went to look them up, the value was questionable – some places listed them high, some low. Most of my books say they are worth less than $5, but when it gives the value in the $20’s or higher, I don’t want to destroy them. Well, look for yourself:

Now I have to decide whether to keep them intact, or to render them useless as books, but as beautiful art!


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