Getting back into the swing of things

I am in love what I am doing: matching up fantastic pictures that are squirreled away in discarded books and teaming them up with a picture frame that has seen better days, adding a splash of color with a mat board, and creating one of a kind and unique art. This is the kind of stuff we need on our walls, not the mass produced stuff from Target of Urban Outfitters (don’t get me wrong, I love love love those stores, but we need to assert our individuality and the most appropriate place is on our walls, our art!)

I am a major art lover, I even went to college and majored in art, but I cannot make the stuff I want to see on my walls. I don’t think most of us can. Even my illustrator husband who can literally draw anything and everything, does make some nice stuff for us, but we need variety, we need different opinions, we need contrast, but above all, we need good art, lots of it.

So visit my GotchaChaCha on Etsy and see if you agree with me and my idea’s and vision.

Here’s to good art!

Below, my inspiration, (sometimes), Cha Cha. She caught a mouse the other day. No picture of that.


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