Wonder Books

I collect Wonder Books. They are 6.25 x 8 inches. They are mostly from the 1950’s and 1960’s. I collect them for the wonderful art. Today at my Etsy store I put up an illustration from the book “Playtime for Nancy”, with illustrations by Doris Stolberg, story by Margaret O. Hyde. A quick google search came up with many contemporary books by a Margaret O. Hyde “Drugs 101”, 2003, “Hobby Fun Book: For Grade School Boys and Girls”, 2010, and “Is the Cat Dreaming Your Dream”, 1980, along with other kinda serious science books aimed at teens. Could there be 2 Margaret O. Hyde’s? Could the contemporary one be a relative? Unless a writer/illustrator is very famous, I can not find out any biographical information. I also could not find out much on the illustrator Doris Stolberg, just that she did the books, “A Child’s First Cook Book”, 1950, and “Merry-Go-Round”, 1944, along with a few others. So I don’t have much background today. What I also want to learn more about are the Wonder Book series (“with washable covers”). I will post pictures of the books I have, and the approximate value, it can be surprising.

Cover “Playtime for Nancy”, 1951. Written by Margaret O. Hyde and illustrated by Doris Stolberg.

Framed. Polystryene Frame and Acrylic Glass.

Close up

This is what a finished back looks like, with a colorful dust jacket.

Picture of Pets of the Day. Daisy and Cha Cha together (they are sitting right around the corner from my desk)


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