“Wheels”, by Kathryn Jackson, illustrated by Leonard Weisgard

Today I renewed a listing. “Wheels” is written by Kathryn Jackson, and illustrated by Leonard Weisgard. Both are big names in the children’s literature business. Unfortunately, I could not find any biographical info on Jackson. She also wrote, “Tawny Scrawny Lion”, and “The Saggy Baggy Elephant”.

Leonard Weisgard has more information. There is a web site LeonardWeisgard.com. He was a Caldecott Medal winner, and illustrated over 200 books.  He moved to Denmark in 1969 when he was 53, where his family lives today. You notice that of all the information I have about him, I mentioned his moving to Denmark. I love Denmark (haven’t been there, but it was my country for the 4th grade country report).

He is a favorite illustrator of mine, I love all his work. He uses bright colors and everything he draws has a sweetness and innocence. I think his work, though maybe out of fashion in the 70’s-90’s, has a surprising modern look to them. I love the cherubic look of typical 1950’s children illustration, but Weisgard brings style and a little edge, in a good way. They would look great in any hip child’s room.


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