Babar – the story behind the story

Up for sale in my Etsy Shop, GotchaChaCha, is a framed and matted page from the book “Babar and the Ghost”, 1962, by Laurent de Brunhoff, the son of Jean and Cecile de Brunhoff. It says,

“Hmmm,” says Babar. “Something strange is going on.”

I like it because I like the colors and the image of Babar, and the fact that the text can stand alone, I think I often say the same thing around my house! The senior de Brunhoffs created the character of Babar and the Old Lady for their sons. Cecile first created the story (didn’t know that before), then the artist Jean created the images and added more details. Jean died young, and eventually, their son Laurent picked up the mantel, and continued on the series. From this website,, I learned all this, and the fact that Cecile might still be alive in Paris.

On another note, here is my Cha Cha. What an inspirations!



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