Some New Aquisitions (thrifting)

Here are two books I picked up yesterday at Goodwill. The only things you can get at Goodwill are books, they charge too much for their other stuff. There was a bag of hot wheel type cars, but they were asking $20 for it! I like to find stuff and sell it on Ebay, but you cannot do that with stuff from Goodwill, there is no profit. Unfortunately, I have not found a good store in Millwaukee. I had a couple places on the south side of Chicago when I lived in Gary, IN that were really good. And of course the best was the Value Villages in Chicago in the 90’s. Those days are gone.

The Bernie book is written and illustrated by Betty Hubka, 1962. Bold and colorful, exactly what I am looking for. There is schmutz on several pages, rendering them useless, but a few are clean. The story is a bit weird. Bernie wants to leave the circus, but finds farmers with guns and other calamities, and he goes back gratefully to the safety of the circus at the end. I did a Google search for Betty Hubka and could find nothing on her, except she might live in Tucson. I a scratching my head how to find out more, and bring into the light this charming illustrator.


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